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Good hand hygiene is one of the first lines of defense against cross-contamination in your facility. Schedule your session today, either onsite* or via the web, and get expert guidance and training from Best Sanitizers!

*Due to the variety of Covid-19 policies across the country, trainings for qualifying food processors can be in-person for the contiguous United States or virtual in the United States, Canada, and Puerto Rico.

Hand Hygiene Training Program Includes: 


Dynamic PowerPoint Presentation

Comprehensive PowerPoint-driven training presentation on the what, when and why of proper hand hygiene.

Dramatic Demonstrations

Glo Germ black light demonstration to illustrate cross-contamination and the effects of improper hand washing.

Expert Training

Proper hand washing technique
demonstration to teach employees the correct way to wash their hands.


Improve compliance and reduce the risk of cross-contamination in your facility.



Schedule your training today!


Q & A / Written Quiz

Question and Answer session followed by a hand hygiene quiz to help evaluate your team's knowledge and readiness.

Training Completion Certificate

Certificate of Training to show auditors your team has been trained by a Best Sanitizers hand hygiene expert.