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We think Alpet® Q E2 is the best sanitizing hand soap available. But, don’t take our word for it. We’ll send you a trial sample of Alpet Q E2 Sanitizing Foam Soap so you can conduct your own side-by-side comparison!



Does it use the optimal amount of its active ingredient (0.12% Benzalkonium Chloride)?
pH balanced to skin (pH 5.5)?
Formulated with emollients to keep skin soft and healthy even with repeated use?
In vitro time-kill tested on 30 challenging organisms common to the food processing industry?
A solid value with 3,150 1.2mL applications per gallon?
Manufactured in a cGMP, FDA and EPA/FIFRA compliant facility? Click Here to learn more.
NSF listed and meets all FDA and USDA requirements for food handling? Click Here to learn more.
Available as 250 mL pump bottle, 1250mL cartridge, one gallon bottle, 55 gallon drum and 250 gallon tote?

AND, Best Sanitizers has the largest lineup of dispensing options in the industry!

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