Best Sanitizers

Does your facility have high traffic areas such as reception desks, lunchrooms, or lobbies? Chances are you do. High-traffic areas like these benefit from the quick and convenient hand hygiene products that Best Sanitizers, Inc. provides. Whether you need a countertop bottle of hand sanitizer or a portable touchless dispensing stand, your employees can feel confident they're figthting the spread of germs.  To learn more, contact your account representative via email or call 888-225-3267. 
         Alpet® E3 Plus Hand Sanitizer Spray is an atomized alcohol hand sanitizing formula engineered to meet the requirements of the Food Industry. Alpet E3 Plus meets all current FDA and USDA requirements for hand sanitizers in food handling environments. Alpet E3 Plus is a powerful, yet gentle ethanol-based formula which has been tested and proven effective against 26 pathogens.
  • Kills 99.9999% (LOG6) of 26 tested pathogens in 15 seconds
  • Atomized spray provides better coverage
  • Engineered to meet the requirements of food handlers
  • Formulated with moisturizers to keep hands soft and healthy 
  • NSF certified E3 classification
  • Kosher, Pareve and Halal certified
  • 71% Ethanol formula
  • Available as 1000ml countertop pump bottle, 500ml VersaClenz cartridge and 4oz finger pump bottle.
  SmartSan Hand Sanitizer Gel is an alcohol hand sanitizing formula made with natual emollients to soften hands.
  • Kills 99.99% of 31 tested pathogens in 15 seconds
  • Goes on light, never heavy or sticky
  • Natural moisturizers help keep hands healthy, even with repeated use
  • Leave hands feeling soft and silky
  • Fragrance-free
  Fight the spread of germs while promoting corporate messages, cross-promotions, revenue generating sponsorships or just let your customers and employees know that you care about their health. The BrandStand goes where you need it most... where the people are! The BrandStand comes in three different styles: Standard, EZ-Change and Video. For use with the VersaClenz Touchless Dispensers.
  • BrandStand Standard: For businesses who need convenient hand sanitation
  • BrandStand EZ-Change: Use your color printer to change messages easily and often. Great for promoting daily specials, corporate messages or revenue-generating sponsorships
  • BrandStand Video: Plays full-motion video, audio and looped images for business that require a more content rich presentation