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Alpet 70 30 Industrial Cleaner

Alpet® 70/30 Industrial Cleaner is a highly-evaporative cleaner for the entire facility.

  •     Ready-To-Use
  •     Quick Drying
  •     No Rinse Required
  •     USP-Grade Kosher Certified Isopropanol
  •     Halal Certified
  •     De-Ionized, Purified Water
  •     Submicron Filtered
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SC10002   SC10001
Alpet 70/30 5 Gallon Pail   Alpet 70/30 50 Gallon Drum



Product # Size/Description Case Pack Dispenser Options Drums per Pallet Drum Weight Pounds Dimensions LxWxH Inches
SC10002 5 Gallon Pail Bulk for Refill 48 41.0 12x10x16
SC10001 50 Gallon Drum Bulk for Refill 4 392 23x23x35





Product # Size/Description Case Pack For Use With
SC20000 One Quart Secondary Container 12 (bottles w/ trigger sprayers) SC10002, SC10001,
SS20002 Pump-Up Sprayer, 3 Gallon Secondary Container (empty) Each SC10002, SC10001,
USP20067 Pump-Up Sprayer, 2 Liter Secondary Container (empty) Each SC10002, SC10001,
MD20007 Compact Sprayer, 22 oz Secondary Container (empty) Each SC10002, SC10001,
USP20059 Secondary Container Tag, Alpet 70/30 (Blue) Each SS20002, USP20067, MD20007
USP20105-P Drum Pump - Plastic Each SC10001
USP20106-S Drum Pump - Stainless Steel Each SC10001
Choose any one of these compatible dispensing options
secondary quart bottle, 70/30, 70/30 bottle, bottle for refill, reusable, reusable bottle, spray bottle, sprayer, quart sprayer, quart bottles, empty bottles, empty secondary container, empty quart, from bulk, for refill from bulk, industrial cleaning, accessories, accessory
Pre-Labeled Secondary Container 12x1 Spray Bottles (empty, includes trigger sprayers) SC20000
Pump up sprayer, 2 liter sprayer, sprayer, sprayer handheld, hand  sprayer, industrial cleaner dispenser, industrial cleaning, for cleaning

1.5 Liter Pump-Up Sprayer (empty) USP20067

Pump up sprayer, 3 gallon pump up sprayer, pump up, pump-up, sprayer, spray, sprayer with pump, industrial cleaner dispenser, industrial cleaning, pump with wand, sprayer with wand, for cleaning

3 Gallon Pump-Up Sprayer (empty) SS20002