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Best Sanitizers Joins Saraya Co., and the World Health Organization in Supporting World Hand Hygiene Day, May 5th, 2022.

Northern California-based Best Sanitizers, Inc. is joining forces with parent company Saraya Co., Ltd., and the World Health Organization to help support World Hand Hygiene Day, May 5th, 2022. This annual campaign is designed to raise global awareness to the lifesaving benefits that good hand hygiene provides. This year’s campaign recognizes that a facility’s strong culture of safety and quality through cleaning hands will encourage other people to clean their hands at the right times and with the right products.

Through education and awareness, the campaign aims to help educate healthcare workers, patients, and the public on how hand hygiene can help to reduce transmission in the healthcare environment.

The World Health Organization’s (WHO) SAVE LIVES: Clean Your Hands global campaign launched in 2009. This year’s slogan is, “Unite for safety – clean your hands!” The World Health Organization (WHO) hand hygiene campaign unites people of all levels to work together to influence their facility’s quality and safety culture through clean hands.  

World Hand Hygiene Day is a day for healthcare workers, IPC practitioners, facility managers, and policy makers in achieving effective hand hygiene practices to ensure both patients and health workers feel protected and cared for. Practicing the 5 moments for hand hygiene can reduce the risk of transmissions.

The 5 Moments for Hand Hygiene are:

  1. Before touching a patient
  2. Before clean/aseptic procedures
  3. After body fluid exposure/risk
  4. After touching a patient
  5. After touching patient surroundings

“Best Sanitizers is dedicated to increasing infection prevention in healthcare settings by offering a new line of quality hand hygiene products for the industry” stated Bobby Finn, Best Sanitizers’ Sales and Business Development-Healthcare Division. “We are proud to support Saraya, and the World Health Organization in their efforts”. 

Best Sanitizers products are used in over 10,000 food processing facilities in the U.S and Canada. Its Alpet® D2 Surface Sanitizer, Alpet® D2 Quat-Free Surface Sanitizer, Alpet® D2 Surface Sanitizing Wipes, Alpet® Sanitizing Soaps and Alpet® Hand Sanitizer Sprays are staples throughout the industry.

Additionally, Best Sanitizers is expanding into the healthcare market and offering a new hand care line, including a variety of hand sanitizers and antimicrobial soaps. Included in the new line of hand hygiene products are: SoftenSure Foaming Soap, SoftenSure Liquid Soap, SmartSan Hand Sanitizer Gel and SmartSan Hand Sanitizer Foam.