We are excited to release our new BSI275 Concentrated Liquid Warewashing Detergent. BSI275 is the newest addition to our Industrial Cleaner Series line of products. It is a highly concentrated, fragrance-free liquid detergent designed to remove tough, baked-on foods for manual warewashing. It is an effective product to manually wash flatware, dishes, and utensils.

  • Designed for manual warewashing
  • Efficiently coats and covers surfaces
  • For best results, soak dishes prior to scrubbing
  • Does not contain phosphates
  • Recommended dilution is 1:32 – 1:40
  • Intended for, but not limited to, 3-sink systems
  • Not intended for dish washing machines

Compatible Accessories Include:

  • BSI PRO-FILL 2 Sink Dispenser
  • BSI Faucet Adapter Kit

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