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Best Sanitizers, Inc. Announces FSMA Starter Kit to Help Breweries Embrace New Sanitation Requirements.

Breweries can learn how to become FSMA compliant with quality products, training and guidance from Best Sanitizers, Inc.

The Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA) is now requiring breweries to follow the same sanitation standards as any other food manufacturer. Under the new rule, the FDA defines alcoholic beverages as human food. For the first time, breweries, wineries, and other alcohol manufacturers fall under FDA regulation. Many breweries may need help implementing their own Food Safety Plan and Best Sanitizers has the products, knowledge and experience to assist. To assist brewers in this effort, Best Sanitizers has developed a FSMA Starter Kit. This kit contains products designed to help breweries meet the sanitation requirements for hand hygiene and surface hygiene required by the new rule. Combined with expert guidance from Best Sanitizers’ team, the FSMA Starter Kit has everything a brewer needs to successfully incorporate the new guidelines into their existing sanitation program.

Best Sanitizers’ FSMA Starter Kit for Breweries consists of top quality hand hygiene and surface hygiene products. Each of these products is designed to meet the tough requirements of the food manufacturing industry. Alpet Q E2 Sanitizing Foam Soap is an effective hand soap that is tough on germs, but gentle on hands even with repeated use. It comes in various sizes and dispensing configurations to meet a brewery’s specific needs. To provide an additional layer of pathogen protection, Best Sanitizers recommends following handwashing with Alpet E3 Plus Hand Sanitizer Spray. Alpet E3 Plus is delivered as an atomized spray providing excellent coverage, and saturates fingernails, cuticles, cracks and crevices of the hands and fingers where pathogens can hide. Alpet E3 Plus kills 99.9999% of 26 tested pathogens in 15 seconds. It is also available in different sizes and dispensing configurations.

To address surface sanitization, the kit includes Alpet D2 Quat-Free Surface Sanitizer. Unlike some surface sanitizers that can interfere with the fermentation process required in beer and wine making, Alpet D2 Quat-Free Surface Sanitizer does not, and is a convenient and effective tool in the fight against cross-contamination. Breweries can clean and sanitize with this product. Additionally, Alpet D2 Quat-Free Surface Sanitizer is highly evaporative and offers the fastest kill time available for a food contact and non-food contact surface sanitizer with kill times of 60 seconds and 10 seconds respectively. Alpet D2 Quat-Free is ready-to-use and doesn’t require a rinse, which eliminates the hassle of measuring and mixing potentially hazardous chemicals. This means your production line is up and running more quickly, and that’s good for business and good for profitability.

Alpet D2 Quat-Free Surface Sanitizer can also be used with Best Sanitizers’ Refillable Wiping System to create a convenient sanitizing wipe. Simply add the correct amount of product to the dry wipes and you’re ready to go. A unique spring-loaded canister lid closes automatically to help keep wipes from drying prematurely.

“Our goal is to help breweries understand and embrace the new FSMA requirements as they pertain to hand hygiene and surface sanitization. The new FSMA Starter Kit for Breweries does just that.” Ryan Witt, Best Sanitizers’ Vice President of Sales and Marketing.

Coming soon! Best Sanitizers will be releasing a new line up of PAA (peroxyacetic acid) sanitizers and water treatments for food processing. This line-up will consist of Alpet PAA 5.6% and Alpet PAA 15% Antimicrobial Solution for sanitizing surfaces in food plants, beverage plants and breweries, Alpet PAA FC 15% and Alpet PAA FC 22% for use as a food contact wash in meat, poultry, seafood and produce processing. Best Sanitizers will also be introducing a foaming additive, and blending and proportioning equipment to support this new product category. Alpet PAA will be available in various sizes and configurations.
Best Sanitizers also provides expert guidance and product training, so breweries can know they’re using the products correctly and receiving the full advantage of their effectiveness. On-site training and web-based presentations are both available.

For more information on the FSMA Starter Kit for Breweries, product samples, a site visit, or hand hygiene training, please call Best Sanitizers, Inc. at 888-225-3267.

Best Sanitizers, Inc. carries a wide variety of products designed to help food processing and food service companies reduce cross-contamination including, sanitizing hand soaps, hand sanitizer sprays and foams, surface sanitizers, industrial cleaners, boot scrubber units and footwear sanitizing systems. Best Sanitizers also carries the largest selection of dispensing options in the industry.