BSX900 Compact Walk-Through Boot Scrubber Unit w/ Dual Sole Brushes

The BSX900 is a wet, compact walkthrough, sole-only, dual boot scrubber built to accommodate 1 user at a time with the ability to put through 15-25 users per minute. The user activates the system by stepping onto the platform. Diluted cleaning solution is sprayed onto rotating brushes and transferred onto the boots from a stainless-steel venturi dilution valve and metering tip to provide the desired PPM. We recommend using Alpet® No-Rinse Quat Sanitizer with the BSX900 to aid in the cleaning of footwear prior to sanitizing (sanitization can only occur on pre-cleaned footwear). The BSX900 uses two rotating horizontal sole brushes, has a small footprint, and is ideal for tight spaces and medium traffic applications.


High Capacity

  • 2 Horizontally oriented brushes clean the soles of boots
  • Brushes rotate in opposing directions, removing debris from the boot and directing it into the tub


  • Dimensions: 63” x 45” x 54” (L x W x H)
  • Compact design for 1 user at a time (15-25 users per minute)
  • Solid member stainless-steel construction with hinged access grate
  • Two removable anti-slip steps
  • Bi-directional entry / exit with central emergency stop
  • Wash-down rate stainless electrical enclosure, motors, and hardware
  • Spray nozzles directed down to prevent over-spray, coating brush prior to boot contact
  • Open grate design ensures optimal debris management
  • Proximity sensor and spring loaded grate for unit activation with adjustable timer
  • Self-draining tub with 2.5” tri-clamp fitting and four adjustable dairy approved feet
  • Solenoid activated brush spray system and venturi injector with 1.5 gpm flow rate
  • Optional side shields available for additional splash or overspray prevention

Connection Requirements

  • 110V ac, 15 amp electrical connection required
  • 3/8” Nptf cold water connection, 50psi recommended
  • 2.5” Tri-clamp drain connection