Perafoam Foam Additive

Maximize the Cleaning Power of Alpet PAA with this Foaming Additive.
This product is an outstanding foam booster additive for many types of solutions. It has very stable, long-lasting foam characteristics. This product contains only food-grade ingredients and if used as a cleaner in conjunction with Alpet® PAA 5.6% in accordance with the directions for use, does not need a rinse prior to start-up. This product may be used as a general-purpose foam additive for other types of uses, but a potable water rinse on food and beverage processing equipment is required if used with any product other than Alpet PAA 5.6%.

  • A very high foaming concentrate specially designed for use in conjunction with Best Sanitizers’ peracetic acid sanitizer/disinfectant product Alpet PAA 5.6%
  • A liquid that is easily dispensed at temperatures as low as 35°F (2°C)
  • Hard water tolerant and remains stable in the presence of oxidizers
  • A long-lasting foam and surfactant package that allows for longer contact on equipment and vertical surfaces than conventional methods
  • Halal certified