Dilution At Hand

USP20193 - USP20196

The Dilution at Handâ„¢ (DAH) Extreme has a sleek design and enhanced color scheme that provides a modern appearance in any housekeeping environment plus multiple features to enhance productivity and dispensing flexibility. Its modular design allows the dispensers to be used with or without locking cabinets and with or without selector valves for the ultimate flexibility from 1 to 4 products or multiple dilutions for 1 plus product.

Dilution at Handâ„¢ Extreme features:

  • Remote fill option for easy filling of buckets and scrubbers when location flexibility is required
  • One-hand bottle fill allows operator more flexibility when filling spray bottles
  • Action Gap and Air Gap backflow options to meet local plumbing agency requirements
  • Optional multi-product / dilution selector valves are available in single or dual for up to 4 products or dilutions
  • 1 gallon-per-minute flow control disc improves dispensing accuracy with ultra lean dilutions
  • Optional 1 gallon (5 l) or 2 liter (1/2 gal) locking enclosures for various bottle sizes

Choose Single Station or Dual Station:

  • Single Station with 1 Fill Port features 1 bottle or bucket fill tube and dilutes 1 product with a dedicated proportioner or up to 4 products or dilutions with a selector valve dial.
  • Dual Station with 2 Fill Ports features 2 fill locations configured in 2 bottle fill, 2 bucket fill or 1 of each fill. The dual system can be configured with dedicated proportioners for 2 products, 1 selector and 1 dedicated for up to 5 products (or dilutions).