Wall-Mounted Foam/Sanitize Unit

Save space with two systems in one enclosure. This wall-mounted foam/sanitize unit has separate systems contained in the same housing which allows you to use the foam and sanitizing functions separately or at the same time, without the risk of cross-contamination between products.


  • Unit includes separate foam and sanitize systems built inside a shared enclosure
  • Use foam and spray function independently or simultaneously
  • Draws from concentrate products – control dilution ratios independently for each function
  • Separate hoses make it easy to switch between functions – or use both functions simultaneously in different areas
  • Foam system dilutes product at ratios of 14:1 to 320:1
  • Spray system dilutes product at ratios of 15:1 to 512:1
  • Regulates incoming water pressure to ensure consistent dilution and foam quality
  • No shared wetted components
  • No cross-contamination between products
  • Requires separate water, compressed air, and chemical supply for each function
  • Santoprene pump seals standard