Wall-Mounted Foam Unit


This wall-mounted foaming unit uses compressed air to provide consistent dilution rates. Draws from concentrate. Comes with an assortment of metering tips to provide the desired PPM.


  • Powered by compressed air
  • Draws from concentrated product
  • Dilutes at ratios of 14:1 to 320:1*
  • Output distance: 25-30 ft. (7-9 m)
  • Output volume: 20-45 gal/min (75-170 l/min) of foam
  • Flow rate: 2 gal/min (7.6 l/min)*
  • Stainless steel ball valve and wand
  • Stainless steel fluid fittings
  • Quick-change pump
  • Santoprene pump seals standard

*Dilution rates and flow rates given are based on chemical
with viscosity of water and factory air pressure settings