Best Sanitizers

Best Sanitizers Smart-San All Purpose Wipes are convenient and effective.

Smart-San All-Purpose Wipes

Item Number: SMAW006

Smart-San All-Purpose Wipes are great for cleaning both hands and surfaces. Formulated with emollients to keep hands feeling soft and moisturized. Smart-San All Purpose Wipes can be mounted to wall or portable stand with our optional lockable bracket. Each canister contains 160 durable wipes and features a spring-loaded, self-closing lid to prevent the drying of wipes.

  • Lintless wipes, 160 count
  • Spring-loaded lid to prevent drying
  • Ready-to-use, no-rinse
  • Ethanol-based formula ideal for cleaning hands and surfaces

Best Suited for:

  • Food Processing (Front Office)
  • Food Service / Grocery
  • Office Wellness
  • Industrial Hygiene
  • Healthcare
  • Education
  • Municipalities


Product # Size/Description Case Pack Dispenser Options Cases per Pallet Case Weight Pounds  Dimensions LxWxH Inches
SMAW006    160 ct. canister w/ saturated wipes 6 (canisters) Optional brackets SS10005B or SS20012 60 17.5 15x11x10



Product # Size/Description Case Pack For Use With
SS10005B Lockable Bracket - Black Each SMAW006, SS10005P, SS10017P, SSW0001, SSW0002
SS20012 Lockable Bracket - White Each SMAW006, SS10005P, SS10017P, SSW0001, SSW0002

Best Sanitizers Wall-Bracket for sanitizing wipes keeps wipes scure and where you need them

Lockable Wall-Bracket
compatible with Smart-San and Alpet D2 Wipes.
SS10005B (black)
SS20012 (white)