HACCP SmartStep™ Footwear Sanitizing System

Footwear Pathogen Protection Made Smart

Reduce Cross-Contamination from Footwear

This foot-operated sanitizing unit uses compressed air to deliver an atomized spray of Alpet® D2 or Alpet® D2 Quat-Free Surface Sanitizer. Each application provides ample coverage to footwear soles while using only 0.2 ounces of chemical, minimizing chemical waste and improving moisture control. Ideal for wet or dry food processing facilities, the HACCP SmartStep™ adds an additional layer of pathogen protection to reduce cross-contamination from footwear before employees enter the production area or other critical control zones. Collection basin is easily accessed for cleaning. For more information, call us at 888.225.3267.

HACCP SmartStep™ Footwear Sanitizing System (ADB0002)

HACCP SmartStep™ with Stainless Steel Handle (ADB0002-MH)

  • Sanitizing unit and handle mount to the floor to provide a safe and secure hand hold when using the SmartStep.

HACCP SmartStep™ with Boot Scrubber and Handle (ADB0002-BS)

  • Add the optional scrubber and handle to create a very efficient and very effective tool in the fight against cross-contamination from footwear.

Boot Scrubber with Stainless Steel Handle Only (USP20031)

  • Alpet® D2 Surface Sanitizer 5 gallon pail (SS10002-BSS), Alpet® D2 Quat-Free Surface Sanitizer 5 gallon pail (SS10031-BSS) and empty 2.5 gallon secondary pail for refill from bulk (SS20001) are both sold separately.

Expandable System

  • The HACCP SmartStep System is expandable and can grow as your plant’s needs grow. A perfect complement to the HACCP Defender.
The HACCP SmartStep™ Footwear Sanitizing System